Pest Inspection/Control Sydney: Pre-purchase Pest Inspections

Purchasing a residential or a commercial property is a hefty financial investment, so it only makes sense to ensure that your money is being well spent. A building and pest inspection in Sydney is therefore vital to protecting your assets and making sure that you are paying the best price possible for the property.

Unfortunately, many people don’t bother with either a building or a pest inspection before purchasing a property, which means that they are potentially leaving themselves wide open to huge financial problems in the future.

Pest control in Sydney is a very lucrative business and one of the reasons why this is so, is because people don’t have a pre-purchase pest inspection before they commit to buying a property. This omission provides lots of work for pest control companies in Sydney who are called in by new owners to fix a problem they didn’t even know existed and can cost them a lot of money in the process.

What is the difference between a building inspection and a pest inspection?

Many people believe that a pre-purchase residential or commercial Building Inspection includes looking for termites – but they are incorrect. A building inspection should identify any visual damage to the timbers caused by termites or other pests, but it doesn’t determine whether these pests are still there, where they are and whether they are still active.

This is the purpose of a pest report, because with termite inspections in Sydney, you will know whether any timber eating pests are on the property, the location of the damage and active or inactive.

So you actually need both a Building Inspection and a pest inspection in Sydney, so you know the exact state of the property before entering into any financial transactions.

What is included in a pest inspection in Sydney?

A pre-purchase pest inspection identifies whether any timber eating pests are present in the buildings or anywhere in the grounds – within the boundary line or up to 30 metres away from the building.

Your pest inspection report will contain information on the following:

  • Any visible evidence of termites or timber pests in the buildings or on the property.
  • The susceptibility of the buildings on the property to timber damage.
  • The severity of any visible existing damage.
  • Any remedial measures or protective measures that are appropriate.

With this information you will know whether or not to proceed with the transaction for the property.

Benefits of pre-purchase pest inspections in Sydney for sellers

If there are problems with pests and timber damage on your property and you do not know about these problems, when potential buyers order a pest inspection of your property, you are going to be horribly surprised.

So a pre-sale pest inspection is a very good idea and will give you the opportunity to rectify any problems before you go to market, helping to ensure that you achieve your asking price.

Benefits of pre-purchase pest inspections in Sydney for buyers

It goes without saying that if you purchase a property without performing a thorough pest inspection, you could potentially be in a whole lot of trouble in the future. The last thing you want is to buy a property that has previous timber pest damage or active termites and you are not aware of their existence.

Because somewhere down the track you will need to address the problem; and it may cost you thousands of dollars. However, if you know about these problems before you purchase the property then you can either walk away, budget to rectify the damage or negotiate a lower asking price.

All of our pest inspections comply with the Australian standard AS4349.3.

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