Thorough and reliable reports you can trust

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Thorough and reliable reports you can trust

When buying a house, unit or commercial building, it is vital that you obtain a building inspection report and in most cases you will also need a timber pest inspection report as well. These reports provide you (the potential purchaser) with a thorough understanding of the condition of the building and the surrounding structures. With this information, you can be completely happy moving forward with your new acquisition or you can negotiate the asking price and then budget for any possible repairs.

Pre-purchase inspections that meet the Australian standards

How to Prepare Your Property for Building Inspection?

Pre-purchase inspections that meet the Australian standards

When you hire a building inspector in Sydney to perform a pre-purchase inspection of any residential or commercial property, these reports must meet the Australian Standard AS 4349.1 – 2007; while timber pest inspections must also comply with the Australian Standard AS4349.3.2010

If your inspector does not comply with these standards, then you cannot be sure that your reports are comprehensive and complete. Inadequate inspections can result in possible omissions, which can mean that you might pay more for the property than appropriate, given its current condition.

Doric Property Inspections is properly accredited and insured to carry out comprehensive inspections of structures and foundations.

Our reports exceed the Australian standards

At Doric Property Inspections we not only comply with all Australian Standards, but we exceed them to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right decision.

Our reports are compiled on a room by room basis for example (with photographs of the property and defects) to assess the condition of the doors, floor, walls, ceilings, services, sub floor and roof void where applicable and we advise on smoke alarms for compliance with Australian Standards. Put simply, we don’t just follow the common tick sheet used by other building consultants in Sydney.

Doric Property Inspections reports are easy to read, without the typical builders jargon, and provide information on:

  • Major and minor defects and repairs within the boundaries of the property (up to 30 metres from the main building)
  • Future maintenance issues
  • Existing and potential water run off problems
  • The condition of smoke alarms for compliance with Australian Standards
  • Any illegal building works and advice regarding the same
  • Advice on asbestos (and other similar health hazards). Asbestos is typically found in most buildings pre 1985, however as some builders bulk bought material that contains asbestos in the early to mid-80s, this material may have been kept in storage and used at a later date

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