Pre-Purchase Property Inspection Sydney

Make a Safe and Confident Investment

Are you exploring properties and about to finalise one? If yes, make an informed decision by arranging a pre-purchase property inspection.

Buying a property – whether it’s your future home or an investment – is most likely one of your largest financial assets. A pre-purchase property inspection gets every corner (interior and exterior) of the property and building examined before you cut the check so that your money doesn’t go down the drain.

Our expert analysis team thoroughly examines the entire property checking for potential problems. After the inspection, we provide a detailed photographic report stating the existing issues, potential future problems, and solutions.

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New Building Inspections and Commercial Building Inspections

Our certified building consultants inspect new buildings throughout their construction period at various hold points. The report assesses the structural nature of the building.

Commercial building inspections are even more vital as there can be significant defects due to age and the nature of the building. From structural defects to hazards in roofs or walls, our experts identify problems not obvious to an untrained eye.

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What Does a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Include?

Our pre-purchase property inspection report will include a comprehensive checklist of the property’s condition and any major problems you should be aware of before the purchase.

It includes (but is not limited to) –

  • An assessment of the roof spaces and the roof itself, including the framework and tiles.
  • An inspection of the sub-floor framework, ventilation and drainage.
  • Any visible dampness or water leaks, past or present, from areas such as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry.
  • Any visible active timber pest or timber pest damage within the building and exterior.

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Agreement Form

Why Should You Arrange a Pre-Purchase Property Inspection?

I Am a Seller

A thorough property inspection report provides you with the opportunity to rectify the building/house problems and take care of the repairs while there is still time. Otherwise, your selling price will keep getting lower.

I Am a Buyer

A detailed and visual pre-purchase building inspection report provides you peace of mind before investing hefty money in a property. You can negotiate a lower selling price or turn away from the deal.

All our pre-purchase building and pest inspections in Sydney comply with the Australian standard AS4349.1.

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