Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection Sydney

Ensure Complete Peace of Mind Before the House Purchase

Purchasing a residential or commercial property is a big deal, so you want to ensure your money doesn’t go down the drain. To ensure you are buying a termite-free house, schedule a pre-purchase termite inspection.

When buying property, you want to ensure it’s well-protected. Our reliable and comprehensive building inspections help identify the termite’s entry points and develop ways to prevent future damage.

After our thorough termite inspection, we provide a precise and detailed report highlighting house areas most prone to termite infestation, underlying problems, and termite issues you might encounter in the future. Finally, our experts give you viable solutions to the problems at hand.

Our team of pest specialists can come to your property in Sydney Region, including the suburbs such as Western Sydney (Strathfield), North Shore (Lane Cove), South Sydney (Oatley), Eastern Sydney (Randwick), and inner west (Marrickville) for termite inspection service.

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What Do Pre-Purchase Termite and Timber Pest Inspections Include?

If you’re a proud owner of a new home in Sydney, a pre-purchase building & pest inspection can very well be your first vital home investment. Even a small infestation can lead to major structural damage in the long run. Our trained inspection officers identify the damage, if any, and ensure maximum protection for your family and home.

Further, a timely timber pest inspection is vital for every homeowner, as pests can be present on your property without any noticeable signs. Our initial inspection visit includes identifying the risks with minimum inconvenience to you and your family members. No smell, no mess, no delays!

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What Does a Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection Include?

A pre-purchase termite inspection in Sydney detects the presence of termites in your home. Our experienced experts can check for termite presence on the grounds 100 meters from the termite nest.

Afterwards, we give you a comprehensive termite inspection report compliant with the Australian standards that include:

  • Visible signs of termite infestation in the building, like actual termites, wood damage, droppings, mud tubes, and broken wings.
  • Information on how the wood damage could affect the buildings. The property inspections will note whether there are water leaks, mould, and fungus growth in the building.
  • Organisms that might destroy the wood
  • Issues that could lead to termites infesting the building in the future

Pre-purchase Termite Inspection Agreement Form

Why Get a Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection?

For Sellers

A thorough pest inspection can help you identify termite damage before you put the house on the market for sale. It avoids unexpected delays and setbacks during the negotiation. A property in good condition attracts higher value.

For Buyers

If you are a buyer, getting a termite inspection on your potential property gives you an upper hand when negotiating prices. The building inspections in Sydney also ensure that the property you are about to buy is in sound condition. If there is a termite infestation, you can know early enough how much it can cost to rectify the issue.

Our termite inspections comply with the Australian Standards AS 3660.2 – 2000

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