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The Dos and Don’ts of Pre Purchase Building Inspection in Sydney

Buying a new property demands a considerable share of your hard-earned income, you’re certainly not going to trust anyone blindly.

A similar approach is necessary when you opt for a pre-purchase building inspection. You should be wide-awake when you’re checking the property for hidden defects and issues that could cost you dearly. It’s important to ensure that you and the property inspectors do their job efficiently.

Yes! You do have a role in assuring the quality of building inspections. Here’s a list of dos and don’ts that you must follow for a pre purchase building inspection in Sydney.

The Dos

  • Check the competency and license

When you’re making such investments, you need to be sure about your decision. Enquiring about the building inspector’s license/accreditation (or required competency as per the state laws) and their previous work can help you determine their job quality. It can help you find quality home inspectors for your property.

  • Keep inspection information hidden from the current owner

Ask your inspector not to disclose the information regarding inspections to the agent or current owner of the house. This can lead to arguments, and you will end up receiving biased opinions from the agent and other unqualified people (unless you are using the information in the report to negotiate the price of the property).

  • Ask for disclaimer-disclosure for the inspection report

To avoid future issues, ask a home inspector a copy of the disclaimer-disclosure to identify the scope of their report. It will let you know what precisely the inspector is going to cover in the building inspection report.

  • Watch out their service quality

Make sure the home inspectors possess the right equipment to do the job. While they start inspecting your building, check if they cover all the areas mentioned in the report. An experienced and dedicated home inspector would take clear pictures of the defective areas and draft a transparent report.

The Don’ts

  • Accept reports or sign contracts without consultation

Current owners or agents may trap you showing the biased inspection reports. Don’t entertain those reports and find your own inspector yourself (there are some inspectors and agents, which work together and the reports are often written favourable for the agent/ vendor). They can also ask you to sign the contract before buying your building. But you must consult a legal representative (from your side) to check if the contract is free of any binding (or illegal) clauses.

  • Deposits

If a deposit is required for the property, it is a good idea to have the deposit based on condition of the building and timber pest reports, then if the reports have significant defects an offer can be adjusted or cancelled saving the loss of your deposit.

  • Approaching firms suggested by the agents

Not necessarily, but this could be a bait to trap you for accepting a less accurate building and pest report Sydney. The agents can find unfaithful firms or home inspectors to make biased reports for the property inspection. It will mislead you while making a decision.

  • Allow agents or sellers to misinterpret the report

While presenting the building inspection report to the agents or sellers, make sure they understand it thoroughly. Do not let them make their own interpretations of the problems stated. If you have any confusion regarding the reports, call your home inspector immediately for clarification.

The Takeaway

When you plan pre-purchase building inspections, selecting the right home inspector can decide your standard of living in the house.

At Doric Property Inspections Sydney, we safeguard your buying decision providing trusted and proven pre-purchase building inspections in Sydney. With 40 over years of experience in the construction and building industry, we ensure the safety and quality of life for our clients.

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