The 6 Building Defects You Need to Watch Out For

Every person looks forward to owning their first home, whether that is an apartment or a standalone house. This is a massive step for both home buyers and first-time property investors.

Now, as you make this critical financial decision, you need to be on the lookout for one crucial aspect – building defects. You should be aware of all building defects that might affect the structural integrity of your property and make it hard for you to reside.

Well, building defects can be as simple as a minor cosmetic issue to as big as a significant structural problem. No matter the case, getting hold of them early enough will prevent future costly repairs and renovations.

So what are these building defects that should be identified during property inspections? This blog discusses them, so let’s dive in.

Major Building Defects to Note

Foundation Defects

A significant building defect to look out for is a foundational defect. Without a proper and robust foundation, your building will not stand the test of time and support the entire structure.

Issues in the foundation will lead to cracks in the walls and floors, moisture problems, uneven floors, and inability for doors and windows to close well, among many other issues.

Our qualified building inspection Sydney team will check on the soil conditions, nature of the construction, and managing a drainage system, as they are the main culprits for foundation defects. We’ll notice any foundation issues early and provide ways to address them before they cause further damage.

Electrical Issues

You can never joke when it comes to electrical issues. Various electrical issues might be present in the house you are about to buy, and it’s wise to get them fixed early before they cause major trouble.

Some electrical issues to look out for include faulty wiring, which can cause electrical shocks and power outages. So when hiring a company to do your building inspections, ensure they are checking for overloaded circuits and flickering lights.

Plumbing Problems

Another defect that you should always watch out for is any leaks related to the plumbing system. Issues with the plumbing system, such as blocked drains, sewage backups, and leaking pipes and faucets, will adversely affect your building’s structure by causing water damage. Besides, they pose various health risks to the people residing in the building due the septic nature of plumbing.

Before purchasing that beautiful property you’ve had your eye on, check for clogged drains, low water pressure problems, water heater issues, and any other plumbing issues affecting your stay there, you can do this personally or through a building inspection team. Ensure they are addressed accordingly.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are another common issue you should consider before buying a house. When not addressed, roof leaks can cause water damage, mould growth, and other structural problems.

Some signs of a roof leak include damp odours, missing shingles, water stains on the ceiling and cracks in the chimneys and vents.

The leaks can be caused by ageing shingles, damage due to harsh weather, and an improperly installed roof. A regular roof inspection by a qualified property inspections Sydney company will help prevent leaks. Besides, they will ensure that your roof lasts longer.

Pest Infestations

Watch out for termites, cockroaches, rodents, and other pests that can cause significant damage to the property. Often, pest issues go unnoticed until the problem they’ve caused is severe.

Rodents often gnaw electrical wires causing electrical malfunctions. Termites, on the other hand, damage wood structures and foundations, therefore compromising the structural integrity of the building.

You can tell that pests infest a building through signs such as droppings, structural damage, and chewed wires. Engage a company offering building and pest inspection Sydney to ensure that any infestation is caught early so that they are addressed promptly before finalising the purchase process.

Poor Ventilation and Insulation

A comfortable and safe home should have proper ventilation and insulation. A poorly ventilated home can cause excessive moisture build-up, which promotes mould and mildew growth. Growing mould damages the property and also poses health risks to people.

Insufficient insulation can lead to significant energy losses and increased heating and cooling costs. During your residential or commercial building inspections, ensure any signs of moisture, mould, and unusually high energy bills are checked. A well-ventilated and adequately insulated home will not only save you money but also save you from health hazards.

Before becoming a property owner, it Is essential to check for the aforementioned building defects. Whether you need building inspection Sydney north shore or building inspections Sydney inner west
, work with the top-tier building inspection services company, Doric Property Inspections. We will ensure your investment is defect-free and safeguard it to ensure you have a comfortable home for years.

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