How to Prepare Your Property for Building Inspection?

How to Prepare Your Property for Building Inspection?

If you’re planning to sell your property for personal or commercial purpose for the first time, a building inspection can be an anticipated event. It can easily make you feel anxious and ill-prepared. However, you can easily prepare yourself for it.

Property inspections in Sydney are not about giving your property a pass or a fail. No matter who calls for the inspection, an independent building inspector in Sydney is a neutral authority that simply assesses your property’s existing conditions. It is, in fact, a sensible option for both you and your buyers. Buyers get the property inspection conducted to identify the defects or problems of the property if there are any. Sellers may get it done to make sure their property is in good condition and does not have major defects. If there are any, they may get them repaired to avoid negotiations during the selling process.

If your property has got itself a property inspection, the best thing to do is prepare yourself and the property. Let’s see what do you need to do –

Focus on Major Property Defects

The main focus of the inspector is to check if the property has major, substantial defects. If you know of any defects, you should get those repaired in advance. However, don’t try to cover up any defect by temporarily repairing it. The inspector will identify partially repaired or defects which have been covered up. Major defects may include poor external drainage, poor/ unstable foundations, mould and mildew, defective flooring framework, damaged or loose roof coverings, deteriorated bricks, evidence of moisture in crawl spaces to the underside of the building or roof cavity to name a few.

Check on the Property’s Small Details

After inspecting the major property defects, the inspector will go on to minor details that one may not usually mind. They are of as much importance as the major defects when working to a tight budget. Therefore, look for them in advance. It could be anything – broken glass panes, faulty gutters, faulty wires, defective screens, seal cracks, out of order vents, broken hinges or latches, inaccessible attic or basements. People generally tend to ignore minor defects. But if you’ve not addressed things like these until now, it’s time for you to do it.

Improve the Appearance of the Property

It’s important to give an impressive look to your buyers and the inspector at their first visit. If your property looks visually appealing, it’ll be reassuring to the buyer’s minds. Therefore, before they visit, make sure to run a beauty enhancement procedure. It’ll include clearing the garden, mowing the grass, removing exterior and interior clutter, and repainting the interior and exterior. Keep the property tidy and clean and get rid of everything that’s not necessary to keep. A spacious property allows the property to look like and organised home.

Get All Property Documents

During the building inspection in Sydney, the buyers may need to check the official building documents. Keep every property-related documents and certificates handy. It may include a certificate of ownership and duration, property title, council related documents or any other similar paperwork. If you got any repairs done, assemble the record in the form of receipts, warranties, and service logs.

A building inspection could become scary only when you aren’t prepared for it. In fact, get it done in advance before your buyer could ask for one. It will help you the selling process without undergoing the negotiation at a broad scale.

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