Pre-Purchase Building Inspections: Why are They So Important

Who wouldn’t love to purchase a property? This is an exciting phase for many, which requires a significant financial commitment.

As you look forward to owning your first home, ensure that you obtain a pre-purchase building inspection. People often skip this step, yet it’s so essential probably because it is an added cost. Truthfully, you will save hundreds of dollars by not getting this service, but it can be one of the most costly mistakes you will make. Typically the average home repairs will cost 100 times the building inspection, and this does not include any possible damage or repairs due to structural failure!

We do not want that for you! Learn why you should not forgo getting building inspections!

8 Reasons Why Pre-Purchase Building Inspection is Worth an Extra Penny!

1. Determines Whether the Building Requires Structural Modifications

A property will never be 100% okay. Whether it’s a broken tile, leaking roof, or steep landscape, name them!

Building inspectors will point out what structural modifications that need fixing. They will tell you what should be done to make the building suit your desires.

2. You Know How Much to Spend on Repairs

The worst thing when buying property is being caught off-guard to allow for a contingency sum for repairs. This is especially true when you are working on a fixed budget. Do you start borrowing to make this space better?

I believe no one really wants this. So, to avoid such a mess, ensure the building you intend to purchase is inspected. You might note a few issues and think, “this will not cost much.” However, the truth is there is a high chance of identifying the more significant problems which cost significant amounts.

As the property inspections are complete, you can talk with the builders or plumbers and ask for a quote on the amount it will cost you to do the repairs. Then put your finances together on time to cater for purchasing the building or even throw the whole idea away and look for a better option!

3. Can You Carry Out Certain Renovations

Not all repairs can be easily rectified. So, once we examine the building, we will be able to determine, which areas are likely to work well after restoration and the ones that will not.

The comprehensive report will also indicate whether the renovations needed, will be required to be approved by council. This mainly depends on the type of work, i.e. new build/ addition or possible demolition works required etc.

Some areas that pose threats when being repaired can cost you a lot. Such may require significant changes to ensure that they are safe and possibly specialist tradespeople.

As you can see, there’s a lot to be involved; therefore, it’s always a good idea to perform a pre-purchase building inspection.

4. Is the Building Liveable?

No one wants to put a huge chunk of money on a home they will possibly have to vacate in a few years to do major repairs. It is therefore essential to make sure that the building and footings are sound.

The property inspectors will tell you how a house is. From the foundation to the finishes, they will be able to determine a stable structure or not.

5. They Highlight Safety Concerns Issues

A home should be a safe haven for you and your family. However, how do you verify that it will actually be risk free? If you try to check it out alone, you might miss out on some matters of concern. That’s why the  Inner West property inspections will do deep screening for your building.

This procedure reveals what condition the electrical is in. Old and defective wiring can lead to electrocution, which may require immediate repairs. Also, this step will show whether there are other dangerous issues such as asbestos or mould

Knowing such pre-existing problems helps you affirm your decision to buy the property. At the end of the day, all you want is somewhere great to call home.

6. Is the Building Prone to Fire?

It’s evident that fire can affect any property. On a positive note, taking several safety measures helps lower this possibility. How? You may ask!

By thoroughly scrutinising your potential house, the inspectors will discover defective electrical wiring which may be a fire hazard. They will let you know the improvements required in your electrical system and why they are essential.

This will include recommendations with smoke alarm systems, technically, you will be provided with the necessary information to keep your home safe.

7. Confirms Whether the Property is Compliant With Authority

When purchasing a property in Australia, ensure that it follows the regulations of the National Construction Code. Also, it should be up to standards set by the Building Code of Australia. These standards are set to ensure that all properties for sale are of high quality and safe for habitation. Some of the elements covered in this code include:

  • Amenity provision for the occupants
  • Services and equipment
  • Efficient energy
  • Structurally-fit construction
  • Fire resistance

The independent building inspector Sydney will advise you whether the property you intend to buy is well constructed and fit for occupancy.

As property inspectors in Australia, we will advise you beforehand that the property is sound or otherwise.

8. You Can Comfortably Bargain the Price!

Let’s be honest; some buildings are not worth the listed price, especially if you need to carryout significant renovations. After providing the pre-purchase to the building owner, they may not take care of all the defects/ repairs listed. Now, this gives you an upper hand!

You can go ahead and fix the issues. In return, ask to pay a lower price as a consideration for the identified repairs.

Remember, some problems in these rental spaces require a third eye. Therefore, letting the experienced inspectors do this job will definitely help highlight concealed defects or other underlying issues.

A pre-purchase building inspection is a quick process, affordable, and will help you decide whether to go ahead with your purchase or not. It is a crucial step that everyone desiring to own a home should take. Allow Doric Property Inspections to carryout thorough scrutiny before signing the contract. Don’t leave it until moving into the property, when more often than not the concealed cracking and other defects come to light. Contact us here for a quote.

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