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How to Find a Good Investment Property?

Finding a suitable property for an investment purpose can be overwhelming at times. The shift in perspective from buying a house for immediate living to purchasing a property meant for long-term returns is not readily adaptable. There are multiple aspects that one needs to consider before signing the deal.

An investment property can be associated with the expected annual rental income generated by the house along with its potential capital growth. This can guide you to gauge the actual value of the property and make a well-informed decision. Another factor that significantly contributes to your property evaluation process is the current demand of your prospective tenants. More people are likely to rent your apartment if it matches their list of desires, whether it is the wish to have a balcony mountain view or a sea-facing home.

Investing in properties is a huge commitment, both financially and mentally. You mustn’t make a decision in a hurry or under pressure. This can not only cause you to lose large sums of money but can also have a severe impact on your health and peace of mind.

In this blog, we shall highlight the aspects that determine your investment property and dive into the key areas to consider while looking for your perfect fit. Let’s get into it.

Analyse the Location

The location of your property plays a vital role in establishing the rental costs of the house. It also has a crucial impact on the future market value of the property. Since locations cannot be changed, you must research them well beforehand to make a wise choice.

Make sure to visit the nearby places including cafes, stores, parks, schools and transport. Also, keep a check on the future plans of all the neighbouring areas as these can affect your property costs in the coming times. Future construction of road and transport links can shoot up your future rental income, while the erection of tall buildings can make them see a dip. It is wise to connect with local contractors and property inspections specialists to learn more about the pros and cons of that location.

Cost of Buying

The cost at which you are purchasing your property is a foundational aspect to consider. Buying a house at high rates without having a clear idea of its estimated market value for the coming years can lead to considerable losses. It is important that you align your property buying costs with the expected rentals for ensuring improved returns in the longer run.

Another aspect linked with the property cost is its validation against the value provided by the house/ unit. You must strike a balance and analise whether the purchase rate is justified with all the features offered by the dwelling.

Lesser Maintenance

Looking after a colossal mansion is often a daunting task. When you are set to purchase a property for investment, a well maintained or better still, a low maintenance building is the easier option.

Keeping large apartments with expansive backyards and pools in place can drain you immensely. Instead, choosing moderate flats with sophisticated designs aims to serve you with both convenience and attractive properties. Instead, choosing smaller, efficiently designed properties like granny flats can be more manageable and cost-effective. Granny flat builders specialise in creating compact yet sophisticated designs.

Age of the Property

While this may not attract a lot of your attention initially, knowing your property’s age and condition is essential. There is a significant difference between established houses and newly constructed ones.

Traditional homes built in thriving areas are likely to have a higher valuation in the near future, whereas new apartments and units can give you increased rentals annually. It is also advisable that you access the current condition of the property while noting the required repairs and renovations to be made. For this, it is always advisable to connect with a trusted building and timber pest inspections company – their team can help you identify potential structural issues, condition of the services and timber pest problems to help you make an informed decision,

Buying a property with the view of investment can either be rewarding or can be a complete financial disaster, depending on the choices you make at the time of purchase. This poses a dire need to have detailed building inspections to help you know the house better.

We at Doric Property Inspections understand your requirements and strive to assist you at each step of your property inspection process. With over two decades of experience and dedication ensures you are fully confident, after talking with you through the in-depth reports that guide you on the correct path!

Reach out to us today, and we will be happy to help!

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