Top Three Benefits of Getting a Building and Timber Pest Inspection Before Buying a Property

New home implies new beginnings, and new beginnings are meant to be perfect. You don’t want your home to bring nuisances in your life but it should bring positivity and happiness. This happiness can be brought by making informed decisions including having a building and timber pest inspection reports.

Getting a home inspection done by an experienced expert, should be your first and foremost step while buying any property. A details and concise inspection can reveal to you more things than any contract would mention. Also, it can save you from future consequences including major refurbishing or repairs.

As purchasing your home is going to be your biggest investment, you need to ensure it is safe by engaging a reputable building and timber pest inspection company in Sydney.

Let’s know why building inspections and timber pest inspections are crucial for your place,

Benefits of Building and timber Pest Inspections Before Buying a Property

  1. You Get to Learn About Your Property

Probably you might be knowing enough by now. Right from the location to amenities to even your neighbours. But, think again, Is that all? Undoubtedly, these things are equally important but there’s a bigger elephant in the room that you need to address. And those are building defects and defects caused by timber pests.

Conducting an inspection before making any commitment can help you in knowing your coveted property in a better way. It will reveal to you the existing problems you need to address as well as the potential problems that can arise in the future.

A professional building and timber pest inspector will take a thorough tour of your place and tell you the best possible advice to get rid of any identified problems beforehand. So, instead of saving for a rainy day, you can spend some money now to avoid future consequences.

  1. The future Can Be a Happy Place

You don’t want to regret your decisions in the future, right? You don’t want your investment to turn into your biggest mistake. Well, to err is human but to take precautions is also human.

On that note, to create a happy future you need to be a little cautious today especially when money is involved. Imagine spending your hard savings on purchasing a house of your dreams to realise that it has major defects, either structural or due to the age of the building (anything above 10 to 15-year-old will be showing wear and tear, i.e. defective water proofing or external drainage issues).

A building and timber pest inspection gives you an informed document and a certain amount of confidence before purchasing a property.

  1. It Gives You a Room for Negotiation

The value of your home that your dealer has told you might be slightly higher than its actual value. But, how are you supposed to know? Through a building and timber pest inspection.

A thorough inspection can reveal the major loopholes that you have been missing. It can tell you whether the property is worth investing in. The building and timber pest reports can give you an idea of the actual condition of the house.

If there are some major problems whether structural or timber pest infestation involved with the property, you can negotiate well with your dealer. You can let them know the situation by showing them the reports to reduce the initial cost before you sign any contract.

A building and timber pest inspection can save you money by providing you with the real facts and allow you to compile a realistic budget to move forward with confidence.

These inspections also let you know the type and condition of materials used in the building. You can learn about the construction and integrity of the place in minutes. And you can make a wise decision based on your inspection reports.

Further, it is to be noted that a house inspection doesn’t necessarily mean covering the inside property. But, it also includes outdoors to check for pest infestation including termite inspections. Hence, it is crucial for you to check the exterior of the building as keenly as indoors.

Which Pests to Look For?

A pest inspection is not only restricted to termites. It includes, borers and wood decay (fungi), that can be an ongoing issue requiring maintaining.

We hope this was a useful read. If you want to get your property inspected and avoid potential risks, you can consider contacting our team. We specialise in house defect inspections and building and timber pest inspections, delivering accurate and detailed reports with most questions answered.

We serve the entire Sydney region – to know more, contact us here.

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